English Proofreading

Words matter - don't take a chance!

Proofreading is the last stage that a document goes through before it is published. It improves the quality of the document by removing spelling, grammar, and syntax errors.

Do you need a Proofreader?

I proofread many different types of documents. These include general articles, business and technical reports, product manuals, ESL documents, and web content.

I will:

  • Keep your document consistent – both style and looks;
  • Check for extra or missing letters, words, or spaces;
  • Assess punctuation, grammar, and spelling for correctness;
  • Ensure that headings, tables, and figures are consistent and correctly positioned;
  • Point out where your readers may not understand;
  • Verify facts for accuracy.

My job is to mark corrections and make suggestions, not to rewrite your document. You may choose to accept or reject my suggestions because you must be happy with the final product. Always remember to keep your readers in mind when making your decisions.

Every project will have different requirements and each client can choose the level of service required. My priority is to provide a top-class, cost-effective service to help my customers reach their business or academic targets.

To avail of my service, just email your document (or a brief extract) together with your specific requirements. I will reply with a quote and a project completion date. I generally use Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Note: Doing business with us requires acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

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